Orb Talk: An Inside Look at Lockestock
On the latest episode of Orb Talk, the Orb Music Studio podcast, we discuss Lockestock, an in-house band made up of Kevin, Alex, and Lewis. Get an inside look at their lives within the music industry as they discuss their journey and share their passion for creating music.

We talk with the group about the difficulties that come with writing music together. Even though they all have different ideas and preferences when it comes to sound production, they’ve managed to create songs that are unique yet still cohesive. They attribute this success to their willingness to compromise on certain elements of a track in order to create something that works best for everyone involved.
It was interesting hearing them talk about how far they’ve come since their early days as a band—from playing small local venues to being featured on some of the biggest stages around the world. It was clear from listening that despite all of their success, they still remain humble and appreciative of everything they’ve achieved so far.

The Importance of Collaboration
In addition to discussing their own personal journeys as musicians, Lockestock also discussed the importance of collaboration in order to create truly great music. They spoke highly of working with other artists who bring new ideas into the studio; getting feedback from producers; having conversations with other musicians; and learning from each other in order to create something special.

This episode of Orb Talk is definitely worth a listen if you want an inside look at what goes into making great music with an in-house band like Lockestock! Hear about how these three talented individuals got started in music, what challenges they have faced along the way, and why collaboration is so important when it comes to creating amazing tracks. Tune into this episode today for an inspiring conversation with Kevin, Alex, and Lewis from Lockestock!

Listen to the spotify link below for episode 2

Orb Talk Episode 2