Lockestock’s Journey into 2024

Hey, Lockestock family! As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year, it’s time to share the excitement brewing in the Lockestock universe. We’ve been keeping a secret, and now, the time has come to spill the beans. Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure with us in 2024!

The past year has been a rollercoaster of creativity, growth, and unwavering dedication. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into crafting something truly special, and we can’t wait to share it with you. So, what’s the big news? Well, mark your calendars because on the 19th of January 2024, we’re unleashing our latest creation – our cover of the timeless classic, ‘Cherish.’

Now, you might be wondering why we chose ‘Cherish’ and what makes it so special to us. Let’s rewind a bit. As a band, we’ve always been drawn to the magic of music that transcends generations. ‘Cherish’ is a song that has stood the test of time, and we felt an irresistible urge to put our Lockestock spin on it. We’ve taken this classic and infused it with our unique sound, creating a rendition that pays homage to the original while adding a fresh, contemporary twist.

The journey of reimagining ‘Cherish’ has been nothing short of magical. From the initial spark of inspiration to the countless hours spent in the studio fine-tuning every note, we’ve poured our passion into every facet of this project. The process of reinventing a beloved song is both challenging and exhilarating. It’s about finding the delicate balance between honoring the essence of the original and injecting our own artistic flair.

So, what can you expect from our version of ‘Cherish’? Picture this – soulful vocals intertwining with innovative arrangements, creating a sonic tapestry that invites you to experience the familiar in an entirely new light. It’s a Lockestock journey through the realms of nostalgia, where each chord and lyric is a thread weaving together the past, present, and future.

But this release is not just about the music; it’s about connection. It’s about sharing moments, emotions, and the sheer joy of music that resonates with you. As we gear up for this release, we want you to be a part of our excitement. Join us in counting down the days, share your thoughts, and let us know what ‘Cherish’ means to you.

As we venture into 2024, this release marks the beginning of a new chapter for Lockestock. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and most importantly, creating music that speaks to your soul. The Lockestock family has been growing, and we want to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support.

So, here’s to the upcoming release of ‘Cherish’ on the 19th of January 2024, and here’s to the exciting adventures that lie ahead. We can’t wait to share this musical journey with you, and we hope you find as much joy in listening as we found in creating.

Stay tuned, stay connected, and let’s make 2024 a year filled with unforgettable music and moments.

With love and anticipation,





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