Orb Music Studio Presents Lockestock: An Innovative Mixed-Genre Band

The music industry is always shifting and evolving, and the latest release from Orb Music Studio and Lockestock is no exception. We are proud to introduce Lockestock, a unique family band comprised of Kevin the father, Alex the eldest son, and Lewis the youngest son. They have created a sound that is unique, blending together elements of pop, rock, and rap to create their mixed genre. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative group!

What Makes Lockestock Unique?
Lockestock is truly one of a kind. The band members have each cultivated their own individual styles over many years of playing music in different bands and genres. Together they bring those experiences to create something that is both familiar and totally fresh. For example, Kevin brings a style of classic rock/pop with a soulful voice, Alex brings his training background as a singer/songwriter and music producer and Lewis brings his youthful experience as a rapper. This mix of old and new makes for an exciting combination that really stands out from traditional genres like pop, rock, or rap.

What Are Their Latest Releases?
The latest releases coming out of Orb are vibrant and full of heart as well as some new tracks that are full of energy. Each track is carefully crafted with thought-provoking lyrics combined with tight instrumentals sure to get your feet tapping along. With their unique sound and style, it’s no wonder that Lockestock has become so popular in just such a short time!

How Can You Support Lockestock?

If you’re interested in supporting this incredible generational band, there are plenty of ways to do so! You can stream their music on all major platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music or purchase it directly on their website www.lockestockmusic.com. Additionally, you can follow them on social media @lockestockmusic where they post updates about upcoming shows and special events as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes content from their recording sessions!

Lockestock has quickly become one of the most talked about bands in 2022 already thanks to their unique blend of pop, rock, and rap sounds which gives 2023 a fresh perspective on music making. Whether you’re into pop sounds or trying something completely new, we highly recommend giving them a listen! With their thoughtful lyrics and catchy instrumentals you won’t be disappointed – support them today by streaming their tracks or purchasing them directly off their website www.lockestockmusic.com#lockestockmusic #orbmusicstudio #2023newmusic #supportlocalbands #supportlocalartists #mixedgenreband #familyband #freshperspectiveonmusicmaking #spotifyapplemusicstreaming #exclusivebehindthescenescontent #catchyinstrumentalsandsoulfullyrics