In a music landscape often dominated by fleeting trends and ephemeral hits, Lockestock emerges as a refreshing force with their deeply resonant storytelling and evocative sound. As the anticipation builds for their upcoming single “Old Man,” set for release on May 24, 2024, the band is poised to make a significant impact on the industry and listeners alike.

The Heartbeat of Lockestock

Lockestock’s music is an intricate tapestry woven from the threads of pop, rock, rap and acoustic genres. Their ability to blend these elements seamlessly is a testament to their musical prowess and deep understanding of the craft. Each member brings a unique perspective and skill set, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Their songs are characterised by rich lyrical narratives that explore universal themes such as wisdom, courage, and the human experience. It’s this dedication to authentic storytelling that sets Lockestock apart, creating a profound connection with their audience.

Introducing “Old Man”

“Old Man” is the latest single from Lockestock, and it promises to be a defining track in their discography. This song delves into the themes of ageing and legacy, offering a poignant reflection on the wisdom imparted by the older generation. With its introspective lyrics and hauntingly beautiful melody, “Old Man” is set to resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

The track begins with a gentle acoustic guitar, immediately setting a reflective and intimate tone. As the song progresses, the addition of subtle percussion and harmonious background vocals enriches the soundscape, providing a layered and immersive listening experience. The chorus stands out with its memorable and heartfelt delivery, encapsulating the essence of honouring and cherishing the legacies left behind by our elders.

The Creative Journey

The creation of “Old Man” was a deeply collaborative process for Lockestock. Each member contributed their unique experiences and strengths, resulting in a song that is both personal and universally relatable. The inspiration for the song stemmed from a desire to honour the life stories and wisdom of the older generation, drawing on personal reflections and memories.

Recording “Old Man” in their own studio  called, ORB STUDIO allowed the band to fully immerse themselves in the creative process. This intimate setting fostered an environment of experimentation and emotional honesty, enabling the band to capture the raw emotion and authenticity that defines the track.

Looking Ahead

As Lockestock prepares to release “Old Man,” the excitement within the music community is palpable. This single not only showcases the band’s exceptional talent but also their ability to create music that transcends trends and speaks to the heart.

Lockestock’s dedication to their craft and their unwavering commitment to authentic storytelling ensure that they are a band to watch in the coming years. “Old Man” is more than just a new release; it’s a testament to the power of music to connect us to our past, present, and future.

Stay tuned for the release of “Old Man” on May 24, 2024, and join Lockestock on this remarkable musical journey. For more updates, exclusive content, and tour dates, be sure to visit their official website and follow them on social media.

Lockestock is not just making music; they are crafting legacies, one song at a time.

Hey there, Lockestock family! We are excited to spill the beans about something that has been brewing in the depths of our creative minds. As we gear up for our next release this. upcoming Friday, the 19th of January 2024, I can’t help but feel a surge of anticipation and nostalgia. Why, you ask? Because this Friday marks the release of our latest musical endeavour, a cover of the timeless classic, ‘Cherish.’

Let me take you on a journey through the heart and soul of Lockestock as we delve into the story behind this upcoming release. Crafting a cover is always a unique challenge — it’s a delicate balance between paying homage to the original and injecting our essence into the mix. ‘Cherish’ has held a special place in the collective hearts of the band for as long as we can remember. Its melodies have been a backdrop to our journeys, and the lyrics have whispered to us through the soundtrack of our lives.

Choosing ‘Cherish’ wasn’t just about revisiting a classic; it was about capturing the essence of a song that has woven itself into the fabric of our memories. As we embarked on this musical adventure, we knew we were treading on hallowed ground. How do you reinvent something so iconic while staying true to its core? It’s a question that kept us up at night, fueled our creative debates, and ultimately led us to a realization — the power of cherishing moments.

The process of crafting our version of ‘Cherish’ wasn’t just about rearranging notes or tweaking chords; it was about distilling the very emotions that make this song timeless. The whole Lockestock family, poured our hearts into every nuance, every inflection, and every beat. It was a journey of rediscovery — peeling back the layers of familiarity to uncover the emotional core of the song.

Lewis, with his unique lyrical prowess, injected a rhythmic energy into the song. His rap elements, carefully woven into the fabric of ‘Cherish,’ add a contemporary edge, inviting a new generation to connect with the ageless beauty of the lyrics. It’s a testament to the universal nature of music — a bridge between the past and the present.

As a band, we pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly blend genres, and ‘Cherish’ presented the perfect canvas for this fusion. The Pop, the Rock, the Hip-Hop — they all come together in a harmonious dance, creating a sonic experience that is distinctly Lockestock. The arrangement, the instrumentation, every sonic detail — it’s a collaborative effort that reflects the essence of who we are.

Now, let’s talk about this Friday, the 19th of January 2024. As the release day approaches, there’s a mix of excitement and nerves in the Lockestock camp. We’re not just putting out a cover; we’re presenting a piece of our hearts to you, our extended family. We invite you to join us on this journey, to listen with open hearts and open ears, and to feel the magic of ‘Cherish’ in a way you’ve never felt before.

So, why ‘Cherish’? Because, in the end, it’s a word that holds a universe of emotions. It’s a sentiment that transcends generations, a reminder to hold on to the fleeting moments that make life beautiful. Our rendition of ‘Cherish’ is a musical celebration of those moments — a homage to the past and an offering to the future.

As we stand on the brink of this release, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who has been a part of the Lockestock journey. Your support, your love, it’s what fuels our creative fire. This Friday is not just about a song; it’s about a shared experience, a collective nod to the power of music to unite, inspire, and cherish.

Get ready, Lockestock family. This Friday, let’s embark on a journey through time and emotion. Let’s rediscover ‘Cherish’ together, and in doing so, let’s create new moments to cherish for a lifetime.

With love and anticipation,


Unlocking Success: Lockestock’s Spectacular Journey Revealed in Spotify Wrapped 2023

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the musical marvels that have captivated our ears and hearts. Among the rising stars, one band has taken the spotlight by storm – Lockestock. As we dive into the depths of their achievements outlined in Spotify Wrapped 2023, it becomes evident that Lockestock is a force to be reckoned with in pop music.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 Highlights:

Streams, Followers, and Global Reach

Lockestock’s Spotify Wrapped 2023 boasts an impressive stream count that can only be described as astronomical. With six-figure streams, the band has not only captured the attention of listeners but has also solidified its presence in the ever-expanding realm of pop music. Their catchy tunes and infectious energy have garnered a dedicated fan base, evident in the substantial growth in followers throughout the year.

Global Impact

Lockestock’s music transcends borders, as evidenced by its global reach. Spotify Wrapped 2023 showcases a map dotted with listeners from every corner of the world, united by the universal language of music. The band’s ability to connect with a diverse audience is a testament to the power of their sound and the relatability of their lyrics.

Orb Studios Collaboration: A Sonic Partnership

Behind every great band is a team of dedicated professionals, and for Lockestock, that includes their collaboration with Orb Music Studios. Led by the visionary owner, producer, and engineer, Alex Locke, Orb Studios has played a pivotal role in shaping Lockestock’s sound, contributing to their Spotify Wrapped success in 2023.

Production Excellence

Lockestock’s journey with Orb Studios goes beyond the ordinary. Alex Locke’s meticulous approach to music production has been the driving force behind the band’s exceptional audio quality. Each note beat, and lyric is carefully crafted to perfection, resulting in a sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The collaboration has not only elevated Lockestock’s existing tracks but has set the stage for even greater musical achievements in the years to come.

Creative Synergy

The partnership between Lockestock and Orb Studios extends beyond technical expertise. It’s a meeting of creative minds, a synergy that has birthed some of the band’s most innovative and memorable moments. Orb Studios provides the canvas, and Lockestock brings the colours, creating a musical masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional pop.

Looking Ahead: Orb Studios and Lockestock in 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, the collaboration between Lockestock and Orb Studios is set to continue its crescendo into the new year. With promises of fresh releases, groundbreaking sounds, and an unwavering commitment to musical excellence, Lockestock and Orb Studios are gearing up for 2024 which promises to be as thrilling as their journey thus far.

In conclusion, Lockestock’s achievements in  Spotify Wrapped 2023 and their ongoing collaboration with Orb Music Studios paint a vivid picture of a band destined for greatness. The music industry should note that Lockestock is not just a band; they are a phenomenon, and their story is just beginning. As we eagerly await the next chapter, one thing is certain – the sound of Lockestock will continue to echo in the hearts of music lovers around the world.


Unlocking the Beat: Kevin, Alex & Lewis of Lockestock Bring You “Summer in the City”

As the sun-kissed days of summer reach their zenith, the air is abuzz with excitement for Lockestock’s latest musical revelation. Hold onto your headphones, because this Friday, August 25th, 2023, the talented trio – Kevin, Alex, and Lewis – are dropping a fresh cover of the classic hit “Summer in the City.” Prepare to be serenaded by their signature sound, as they infuse their own unique magic into this timeless tune.

A Harmonious Triad: Kevin, Alex & Lewis
Behind every soul-stirring note and every electrifying riff of Lockestock’s music stands three remarkable musicians: Kevin, Alex, and Lewis. Their synergy is palpable, and their passion for music is infectious. With Kevin’s powerful vocals, Alex’s harmonious vocals and production skills, and Lewis’s dynamic rapping, the trio creates a symphony that resonates across generations.

“Summer in the City”: A New Spin on a Classic Groove
“Summer in the City” is a melody that needs no introduction. This summer anthem has graced the airwaves for decades, evoking memories of carefree days and endless adventures. Now, Lockestock is ready to weave their own sonic tapestry into this beloved track, promising a rendition that will tug at your heartstrings and get your toes tapping.

Merch Mania: Spotify and Amazon Stores on the Horizon
But wait, there’s more! Get ready to take a piece of Lockestock with you wherever you go, because their merchandise is about to hit the digital shelves. Lockestock is on the brink of unveiling their merchandise stores on both Spotify and Amazon. This means you can dress the part while immersing yourself in their tunes. From shirts that echo their lyrics to accessories that resonate with their melodies, this merchandise launch promises to be a fan’s dream come true.

Stay Tuned for the Unveiling
The countdown has begun. This Friday, “Summer in the City” will echo through your speakers, and Lockestock’s music will paint vivid memories in your mind. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for the imminent announcement of their merchandise stores on Spotify and Amazon. The Lockestock universe is expanding, and you’re invited to be a part of it all.

So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to immerse yourself in the music, the memories, and the merchandise of Lockestock. This is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for this talented trio, and you won’t want to miss a beat. Click here for Lockestock spotify and apple music profiles Lockestock Spotify Lockestock Apple Music

Lockestock Family Band: Embracing the New Dawn with Music and Merchandise!

Date: 28-7-23

Greetings, dear music enthusiasts and fans of Lockestock! Today, we bring you exciting news about this talented family band, their latest song release, a forthcoming bonus track, and their soon-to-be-revamped merchandise shop.

The New Dawn of Lockestock’s Music: “New Dawn”

For those of you who have been following Lockestock’s musical journey, you know that Kevin, Alex, and Lewis have always had a penchant for storytelling through their songs. Their latest release, “New Dawn,” continues this trend and takes it to new heights. The song beautifully weaves together captivating verses and heartfelt melodies, drawing listeners into the narrative with each note.

“New Dawn” is an uplifting anthem that resonates with hope and the promise of brighter days. The heartfelt lyrics reflect the band’s own experiences and challenges, making it a deeply personal and relatable piece for their ever-growing fan base. The seamless blend of Pop, Rock, and Rap elements creates a unique and infectious sound that is signature Lockestock.

Unlocking the Bonus Track Surprise!

As if one exciting release wasn’t enough, Lockestock has a delightful surprise in store for their fans. A soon-to-be-announced bonus track is in the works, promising to bring even more musical joy to our ears. While the details are being kept under wraps for now, rest assured that the band’s creativity and passion will shine through this additional gem.

Merchandise Galore: New Shop Coming Soon!

Lockestock’s music has undoubtedly captured hearts, and their dedicated fan base has been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to take a piece of the band’s magic home. Well, good news! An updated merchandise shop is in the works and promises to offer a wide array of Lockestock goodies to suit every fan’s taste.

From t-shirts and hoodies adorned with the band’s lyrics and artwork to stylish mugs perfect for sipping on your favourite beverage while listening to their tunes, the upcoming merchandise shop will have it all. But that’s not all! Lockestock is also branching out to Spotify, making it even more convenient for fans to grab their favourite band’s merchandise with just a few clicks.

Final Thoughts

Lockestock’s journey has been one of passion, dedication, and a genuine love for music. As they continue to enthral us with their storytelling prowess through song and verse, “New Dawn” sets the stage for an even brighter future for the band and their fans. So, keep an ear out for the forthcoming bonus track and gear up for the revamped merchandise shop to show your unwavering support for this remarkable family band.

Stay tuned to Lockestock’s website and social media channels for the latest updates on their music, merchandise, and other exciting announcements. The band’s musical adventure is only getting started, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them!

Until next time, keep spreading the Lockestock love and let the melodies guide you through every new dawn!

Signing off,

AB Viking

Lockestock, the sensational musical trio comprising of Kevin, Alex, and Lewis, has been taking the music scene by storm with their captivating sound. With each release, they weave a musical storyline that keeps listeners hooked and craving for more. In their latest instalment, “New Dawn,” set to release on July 21st, 2023, Lockestock continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide. Let’s delve into their journey and see how “New Dawn” fits into their compelling musical narrative.

‘Always Me’:
Lockestock burst onto the scene with their debut single, “Always Me,” a song that introduced their distinctive sound and unique blend of pop, rap, and rock elements. With its infectious hooks and relatable lyrics, “Always Me” showcased the band’s ability to capture the essence of individuality and staying true to oneself. This captivating opener set the stage for the exciting musical story that was yet to unfold.

‘Forever Girl’:
Following the success of “Always Me,” Lockestock took listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions with their second single, “Forever Girl.” This heartfelt track explored the theme of love, devotion, and the eternal bond between soulmates. Alex’s falsetto vocals, creating a mesmerising sonic landscape. “Forever Girl” solidified Lockestock’s place as a band with depth and emotional resonance.

‘Live Life’:
In their previous single, “Live Life,” Lockestock delivered an empowering anthem that urged listeners to seize the day and embrace every moment. The track showcased the band’s growth and versatility as they seamlessly blended modern pop, rap, and soft rock elements. With its uplifting message and infectious energy, “Live Life” became an instant fan favourite, propelling Lockestock to new heights.

‘New Dawn’:
Now, with eager anticipation, Lockestock is gearing up to unveil their latest single, “New Dawn.” This transformative track serves as the next chapter in their musical journey, building upon the foundation laid by their previous releases. As the band continues to evolve, “New Dawn” promises to deliver an even more captivating and empowering experience.

The forthcoming release of “New Dawn” represents a turning point for Lockestock. It symbolises growth, resilience, and the courage to embrace change. The track’s catchy melodies, powerful vocals, and dynamic instrumentation create an intoxicating fusion of genres that will leave listeners inspired and craving for more.

As Lockestock’s musical story unfolds, their passion and dedication to their craft shine through. With each release, they invite us into their world, allowing us to connect deeply with their music and relate to their powerful messages. “New Dawn” promises to be yet another testament to their artistry and their ability to captivate audiences with their unique sound.

Lockestock’s musical journey has been a remarkable one, filled with soul-stirring melodies, powerful lyrics, and an unwavering commitment to their artistic vision. From the captivating “Always Me” to the heartfelt “Forever Girl” and the infectious energy of “Live Life,” their previous releases have laid the foundation for the upcoming release of “New Dawn.”

As Lockestock’s fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of “New Dawn” on July 21st, 2023, it is clear that this talented trio is on an upward trajectory, continuously pushing boundaries and captivating audiences with their unique musical fusion. With each chapter of their musical story, Lockestock brings us closer to the essence of their artistry, leaving us eagerly awaiting what lies ahead.

So, mark your calendars and get ready!