Lockestock is proud to support all the hard-working staff of the NHS. That’s why they have chosen to support the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust, to give back something to all members of the NHS community who have been right on the front line. In the charity’s own words ‘The RD&E Charity raises money to support the amazing and often lifesaving work that takes place across the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust.
Your support and generosity make a real difference for our patients, their families, and our dedicated staff throughout our hospitals’. To sum up, this is an amazing cause to be behind. Sacrifices have been made to help survive this Pandemic. Let’s repay that sacrifice by donating to the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust. Lockestock is giving them 50% of all track sales, so do something good, Buy the track and help raise as much money as we can. The song itself is not just about charity. it’s about remembering the happiness, the joy in dancing and singing along without the stress of daily life weighing you down. Go listen to the preview on the site, buy it from all major stores and platforms from 25/6/2021. While you are on the site, don’t go just yet, treat yourself to some Merchandise. fancy a hat? Buy it! Fancy a Hoodie? Buy it! Go on, you know you want to! sign up for the newsletter to be in with a chance to win some freebies plus much more! What are you waiting for? Get going and buy ‘Mind Blowing’, the summer track of choice.