Well! We are now past the Lockestock Pop Music release of ‘Mind Blowing’ which became available for download/streaming 25/6/2021. A certain amount of Hype behind it has created a flurry of Followers and fans who love this style of Pop Music.

Without any sort of Budget to throw at Mind-Blowing, just like many other Indie artists, I have witnessed Lockestock throw themselves at this with everything they have! They truly believe in this Pop Music track and the cause it represents being for the NHS with 50% of all song sales going to the RD&E Charity NHS Foundation Trust.

The work they put in, Day & Night to make sure this track gets off the ground and what they have done, well! What I have seen them do is extremely selfless.

Lockestock is not in this for Fame and Fortune although I mean to say yes, they do want to make a living from their work and want to get their music heard by the masses, but they have worked hard to be heard, and now is the time!
The NHS is something they believe in passionately so set out to give something back! During this process is the promotional side, especially when dealing with social media and the laughs that we have had especially with the TikTok videos when using certain deep fake apps have been nothing short of hilarious. I have seen myself outside of my bedtime comfort zone rolling around in fits of laughter and tears with some of the videos. (If you Have TikTok then check out @lockestockmusic1) they are funny.

I have started to form a close Bond with Kevin and Alex and even become more involved in helping with the promotional campaign. This is a foray for me into the insights of a pop music world that I would never normally give a second thought.
I’m starting to get too used to late-night Peri-peri chicken wraps on delivery (good job I’m still going to the gym) while Kev is messing about on the keyboard, watching his fingers moving at light speed whilst still being able to produce an amazing sound that he could never play again if he was asked to, but on the other hand, Alex is the production master who will play perfectly to come up with the right rift.

Yet during all this madness with social media, Artist pages on streaming platforms, website promotions they are still mastering their next track whilst starting on another one. It is non-stop work that is fuelled by the never-ending passion of two brilliant artists that I believe should be allowed to be heard.

Obviously, I have heard the next track for release and I can promise you that this one is more upbeat and even I couldn’t prevent myself from having a dance around the studio. What is life without poking fun at yourself as with a bit of Lockdown weight still wrapped me I must have looked like a drunk Weeble (I wobbled but I didn’t fall) that one was for anyone over 37 years of age!

I am really starting to get into this whole Pop Music thing and the cultured divide between my tastes is now narrowing.
I can’t wait for the release of this next track. I think I’ll start renaming this blog ‘Adventures with Lockestock’ because that’s how it feels! Oh! And when you’ve finished reading this, go and buy/download Mind Blowing. Doesn’t matter if you like it or not! It’s for the NHS….DON’T BE TIGHT!

Stay tuned for part 3 (I’m sure Kev & TikTok aren’t divorcing anytime soon)