Before being around music artists or a band, I was intrigued to be invited to spend some quality time with Lockestock. A Pop band that never deviated from their true, original style as I got to listen to the production of ‘Mind Blowing’, a pop music song written as an ode to the NHS staff. They are die-hard musicians with music that burns through their very core! Sitting in the studio and watching Lockestock work was an honor as I have asked to stick around for a while as they produce the new Lockestock pop track.

Getting to know them both they are both fun to be around. Alex likes to have his bit of fun but his father Kevin is definitely the extrovert in the family. Even when singing Kevin is fooling around in the singing booth annoying Alex changing the lyrics as he goes which was funny as it appeared to make Alex laugh and cry at the same time. The number of times I heard “come on dad, you’ve had your fun it’s 3 am, we need to get moving”, Or even Kevin elegantly abusing TikTok is more than amusing, I have been laughing hysterically at these (Check out @lockestockmusic on TikTok and you’ll see what I mean). Having spent days and nights working through the whole production of ‘Mind Blowing’ with Lockestock, I have to admit, I have never been a pop music fan, My genres have always been settled with Rock, Indie, dance, trance, etc but never pop music. But now after listening to ‘Mind Blowing’ I have really warmed to the Lockestock style of contemporary pop music!

The history that Lockestock has as a band is truly a riveting one. Alex toured in a boyband through the ‘90s supporting the likes of Blue and Atomic Kitten to name a couple and Kevin was a prominent DJ around Somerset as well as being a solo artist who released tracks such as ‘Promised Land’ and his own version of ‘Love Train’. They both came to a halt temporarily when they both sat back to raise families. They told me that they always said they would be back eventually and with their own studio as Alex is a qualified and experienced music production/engineer and here they are!

Lockestock was born from an earlier promise between a Father and Son that they would return. “Our style of Pop Music has returned,” said Kevin. I feel like part of the Lockestock musical family myself such has been the welcome I received and I am thankful they are allowing me to be part of this journey starting with ‘Mind Blowing’ and hanging around with them to document their journey feels like a privilege ‘Mind-Blowing is not just a pop music song passionately written in support of the NHS as that deserves praise in itself, but the song really has an easy, relaxing party feel that has the feeling of easing into a hot summer. They did offer me a free copy of the CD but I respectfully declined as it is supporting the NHS and I said I would pay for it like everyone else as it is an extremely worthy charity cause. This blog is just referencing a fraction of what I am about to experience with Lockestock and Pop Music and I am looking forward to sharing these experiences with everyone.
Stay tuned for more of my experiences with Lockestock.